Social Media Marketing Management

Build brands and drive revenue with Social Media Marketing. Light House Solutions will manage all aspects of your corporate social media.

Light House Solutions is the cost effective alternative to hiring a social media manager in house. Gauteng based, we service clients locally (Johannesburg, Pretoria), nationwide and internationally. When it comes to social media management, we provide the perfect solution.

Social Policy

An agreed code of conduct, outlining acceptable content and behaviour appropriate to your brand.

Content Generation

From concept to graphic design to copywrite and word-play, our content is our artistry.

Advertising / Adwords

Our strategic advertising is geared for growth, but intelligently targeted to your market.

Social Analytics

Digital means data and we specialise in data mining. Gain valuable insight with detailed monthly reporting.

New to social media? Start with one social channel best suited for your brand and industry, then expand to the rest.


R 2,580 per month

Our Bronze package includes weekly content generation. Also included:

  • - Daily Community Management
  • - Targeted Marketing Strategy
  • - 2 social media platforms
  • - R1,000 in Facebook AdWords
  • - ROI monthly report
  • - 3 to 4 posts per week

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R 8,500 per month

Our Gold package includes daily content generation. Also included:

  • - Daily Community Management
  • - Targeted Marketing Strategy
  • - 4 social media platforms
  • - R2,500 in AdWords
  • - ROI monthly report
  • - 28 to 32 posts per month.

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Standard with a Light House Solutions Digital Package

We tailor a Social Policy and Corporate Code of Conduct.
A dedicated Community Manager is hand selected to best fit your brand.
We manage your Social Media profiles, including daily interaction and commentary with your fans and followers.
We generate content on your behalf, each post an original concept with graphic design and copy.
We incorporate paid advertising to grow your online brand while we manage it.

Are you Liked on Facebook, Followed on Twitter, and Connected on LinkedIn? If you aren’t using social media yet, you’re missing out on a vast, untapped group of potential customers.

These days, almost everyone is plugged in and connected online – Facebook has more than 900 million active users and Twitter has almost 300 million. Professional social media services give you the tools needed to establish yourself in the centre of your target market – show people the faces behind the brand and inject a real personality into an otherwise faceless business, then watch it skyrocket.

Light House Solutions now offers affordable social media services for companies seeking to transform their online presence by developing and executing a clear social media marketing strategy. Often described as the driving factor behind the Web 2.0 model, social media allows users from around the world to communicate quickly, easily and efficiently in a largely informal environment.

Millions of people connect with their peers with the aid of social networking sites every single day and contemporary businesses cannot afford to miss out on a marketing opportunity of this unprecedented scale.

How Light House Solutions Can Manage Your Social Media Impression

Ideas, opinions and innovations are shared amongst the social community, and if users like what they see, your content could be distributed throughout the site an infinite amount of times at no cost whatsoever.

As a result of your social media marketing activity, you could also be gaining valuable backlinks, which will work wonders for your SEO campaign. However, businesses need to tread carefully within the realms of social media to avoid making common mistakes that could damage their reputation irreparably.

Managing an account that’s going to get you noticed requires time, energy and a hefty dose of innovative thinking,

Social media marketing doesn’t just rely on intuition and success doesn’t come easily.

After the initial consultation, our team will get to work to create a well-designed profile/s that will be integrated into your existing website.

Once the set-up is complete, we’ll begin to interact with consumers on your behalf, collecting user opinion and scheduling relevant posts and updates to engage a base of followers that will begin to swell as your account gains momentum.

Due to the nature of the platform, our social media services are entirely versatile. Our level of involvement in your campaign depends on your resources and, naturally, your budget.

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