NeoCall is a really flexible software. It is made up of different applications that can be purchased and used together or one by one. Each technology has got a specific function, therefore you can choose one or more applications from a set of applications andcombine them according to your need.

NeoCall is a common software for Symbian phones and it is installed as a common application. NeoCall is fully invisible. After installation, the target phone’s memory will not reveal its presence on the list of the software installed.

Thanks to NeoCall you can always hold the target phone in check and every piece of information that is transmitted: sms, call lists (both received and lost) and even to listen to surrounding sounds and conversations. These and many other functions are already available, while our Development Team is constantly working on some interesting new applications.

Neo-GPS (Tracking)

Neo-GPS is an innovative application that allows you to know the exact positioning in the space of a mobile with integrated GPS module. Installed the software on the phone you will receive by E-mail or by SMS the co-ordinates LATITUDE LONGITUDE of the phone under control and then view them in any software or website that provides maps etc.The ideal tool to monitor movements and the location of personnel and goods. Like all other programs NEO-GPS works in a completely hidden and invisible way, and can also operate concurrently with other applications that uses GPS module of your phone without interfering.

Neo-TRAX (Localization)

Providing Network Relay physical address by SMS without any log in sent items. Once installed on the Target Phone, Neo-TRAX Software allow predefined number to send SMS with a special code (User input during purchasing process) to the Target Phone and will get in return the Network Relay physical address of the Target Phone (by SMS).


Received the complete log of last phone calls missed, received or made by SMS. Once installed on the Target Phone, Neo-Call software with Call List feature will allow predefined number to send SMS with one of the three special codes for that feature (codes have to be submitted online by software purchaser during ordering process) to the Target Phone. It will even list phone numbers of calls whose identity has been withheld.


Neo-LOG is a simple and powerful way of secretly storing useful information’s such as incoming/outgoing SMS, missed/dialled/received Calls on the Target Phone itself. Key logger, Calls, SMS/MMS are stored into 1 unique and invisible file on the Target Phone.

Log file (that contains all sms’s and call lists data) will be sent directly to a specified e-mail address via GPRS silently. Neo-LOG allow monitoring on Target Phone without worrying about sms cost incurred on the target phone (un-like Neo-Sms where the Target Phone pays for all sms’s sent to predefined number). The target phone sim card must be enabled to send data (ie. email and mms enabled) for Neo-GPRS to function.


Receive a copy of any incoming and outgoing SMS to the predefined number without any log in sent items. Once installed on the Target Phone, Neo-Call software with SMS Forwarding feature will send to the predefined number a copy of any SMS received or sent by the Target Phone.

There is only one case where the Target Phone will not forward an incoming SMS to the predefined number, and this is only happening when it is the predefined number who sent a SMS to the target phone, here we are assuming that you are the author of the SMS and therefore you do not need to get a copy of your own SMS sent to Target Phone. In all others case, for any SMS sent or received by the Target Phone from any phone number in the world, it will be forwarded without logs to the predefined number. All others SMS will be forwarded by the Target Phone to the Predefined Number without any log in Sent Items.


Get IMSI (sim card serial number) and phone number by SMS as soon as new SIM card is inserted. It can protect a mobile user from losing his/her phone just in case the phone is lost. For example, if a user has lost his /her phone and someone has picked up the phone. If another SIM card has plugged into in the phone, then a customized message will be automatically sent out to the pre-defined mobile numbers at the boot-up of the phone. In this case, the user can get to know the person’s mobile number as well as the IMSI number (which is valuable if the new sim card is linked to service provider contract you can provide to the police). Please note that Neo-SIM is actually not supported by OS9 phones. By default Neo-SIM will send SIM information’s at every SIM card replacement. Using the Admin Master Password, Commands and Advanced Commands.


The mobile will covertly answer the incoming call from the pre-defined number and will allow the pre-defined number to listen into the audio around the target mobile in real time. Neo-PHONE² set a new standard for the definition of “spy phone” software. It will now support many dozens different models PERFECTLY [Our definition of No Lights, No Flash] By sending a command to Target Phone, the Target Phone will call the Pre-defined number secretly!!


Neo-Voice-Recorder satisfies all your recording needs. It will silently record every incoming and outgoing phone call and will upload the voice conversations it to our web server. The application will automatically stop recording once the storage space is low on your phone and never will fill up your phone! You can then receive the recording on a daily, weekly or monthly based on an agreement between Neo-Call and yourself where a monthly service will be charged.


Allow user to listen to ongoing phone conversation in real time, required “double call” option to be activated on target phone. The Interceptor software will stay active until any call is intercepted or until the phone is rebooted.

The application will send a SMS to the Master number when any incoming or outgoing call is connected (or only for a specified number). If the user doesn’t wish to intercept then the application will be running till any call got intercepted or till the phone is rebooted.

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