iMenu Canteen Management Software / System

iMenu Canteen Management Software / System

iMenu is an easy, affordable and mobile canteen management software / solution to help you not just manage your canteen or restaurant orders from various and regular customers / staff members, but it also helps you retain and increase daily sales.

With our cloud based canteen management software / application you can replace or compliment your conventional way of receiving orders with an online web based solution that not only allows you take orders from customers, but also effectively manage and administer those orders. This canteen management software also allows your customers & staff members to register and login onto the system and place orders directly with your restaurant or canteen within minutes.

How Does our canteen management software work?

The iMenu Canteen management software is easily accessible and managed through a smart phones, tablets and computers, with internet access. It takes no more than 2 minutes for a customer to register and start ordering items from your canteen / restaurant.

As the administrator, you can easily add, remove or change products, descriptions, add photos for each item and provide special promotions from time to time. The user friendly admin interface also allows multiple administrators to manage the products and services you offer your customers.


Some Awesome Features in our canteen management application:

  • Add unlimited products in unlimited categories
  • Add product variations and options (flavour, size, etc)
  • Self management solution to manage your products and pricing
  • Works perfect on smart phones, tablets and computers / laptops
  • Monitor and manage stock quanities & levels
  • Manage customer / user registrations
  • Give special discounts and coupon codes for special promotions
  • Provide & print invoices and delivery notes to customers, if needed
  • Print orders for kitchen staff to prepare meals
  • Payment options: EFT, credit card, COD, or monthly account.
  • Easily accessible when providing a QR Code
  • Have the application personalised with your logo / branding
  • Customers can add special notes to orders. Eg: “Make my eggs well done”
  • Administrators can add special notes to orders recieved: E.g “Order Will be ready in 30 minutes”
  • Add your special of the day, or special discounts on certain products
  • Add reviews for each product, provided by your valued customers, enabling you to sell even more…
  • Great reporting tools to download & export weekly or monthly stats to excell spreadsheet to scrutinize and analyse sales & product performance.
  • Print the orders to your Kitchen or Bar Printer, for the cook to start immediately.

iMenu is Ideal for

  • Canteens that serve single or multiple companies
  • Restuarants
  • Hotels
  • Guest Houses
  • B&Bs


Benefits of using our Canteen Management Software / Application

  • Improve your quality of service through smart and innovative technology
  • Minimize the amount of staff members queuing in the canteen by allowing them to order from your menu through the iMenu application.
  • Now you have a system to manage all orders that come in telephonically, verbally and electronically.
  • Avoid order conflicts. Your customers will order exactly what they want.
  • More time to serve customers throughout the day, not just during peak lunch hours or before office hours
  • Allow staff / customers to pre-order breakfast / lunch while still on their way to the office
  • Allow staff / customers to pre-order lunch minutes or hours before lunch, allowing you more time to prepare.
  • Start saving on the number of menus you print and distribute.
  • Once a customer has ordered from you, you will then have their contact details (email, cell and phone number) to send them promotions and specials on a regular basis.


To try the demo on your smartphone, tablet or computer, click here

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