Funeral Undertaker Marketing Toolkit

The professional, non-invasive, cost-effective & respectful way

To Market, Promote, Enhance Your Funeral Undertaker Digitally

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Unlike other businesses and industries, the Funeral Undertaker industry is a very delicate one and one needs to take extra and special care as to how one manages and operates one’s business in it. Every successful funeral undertaker owner will tell you that the number one priority in running their business is tend to the client’s every need and while it is important to be available throughout funeral arrangements and proceedings, they also need to blend in and not stand out. In doing so, they obviously should not be engaging in any form of marketing activities such as distribute business cards and flyers to guests. Their marketing and advertising billboard should therefore be displayed in the manner that they conduct themselves and the service they render to the family.

At the same time it is important for funeral undertaker to be accessible and readily available to engage with any prospect who wishes to enquire about their services. To achieve this, we have developed a funeral undertaker marketing toolkit that enables funeral undertakers to offer more value to their customers (whether these client’s visit their websites, their premises or at funerals) and in the process it will enable them to create more brand awareness for their funeral undertakers, market, cross-sell and upsell more effectively to generate more revenue.

Evntwall's Funeral Undertaker Marketing Toolkit

A unique set of digital tools and services that will enhance your funeral undertaker’s brand and help your customer navigate through their a time of bereavement.

Evntwall takes a multifaceted approach in ensuring that funeral businesses get a digital advantage over their competitors by not just offering more value to their clients but also benefit from a tech savvy platform that guarantee’s massive brand awareness with ample cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for their products and services.

If your funeral undertaker doesn’t have a website. Now you do! Your funeral undertaker’s e-site (mobile responsive website) features will include:

  • Media (photo & video) galleries display
  • Blog articles
  • News Feeds
  • Products & Services
  • Promotional offers
  • Calendar
  • Business Directory
  • Contact list of staff / team members
  • Customer Testimonials
  • FAQs relating to your funeral undertaker and services
  • Collect Subscribers and more
Funeral Home Marketing Concierge Portal

The concierge portal serves as our visitor management tool for funeral undertakers, allowing you to manage, track and interact with all guests and visitors entering your business premises. In addition, it also enables funeral undertakers to market and promote new products and services as well as sharing interesting news, articles and information concerning the respective funeral undertaker and the industry. Features include:

  • Directions (Google maps integration)
  • Guest check-in / sign in
  • Guest notices (E.g. house rules)
  • Property Map & floor plan
  • Feedback & Suggestion box
  • Internal directory of staff, offices, amenities
  • Suggestion box & feedback form

The Memorial Planner is a centralized digital platform that simplifies the funeral arrangement process by providing all involved parties access to relevant information. Funeral Undertaker may offer customers free access to the Memorial Planner to assist with the planning process. The tool is also useful for clients pre-planning their funeral, with features such as designating where important documents may be found (e.g. last will and testament, insurance papers), specifying funeral arrangements, outlining who should be involved in the various aspects of the funeral process and determining what the funeral program should contain.

These are just a few of the features available on Evntwall’s free Memorial Planner. As an administrator of your client’s Memorial Planner, your funeral undertaker can assist them in executing their memorial plan while also promoting related products and services that align with their wishes.

If you’re a funeral home, funeral parlour, funeral director or funeral undertaker, our memorial planner can be utilized to help you reach your digital marketing goals.

memorial planner - memorial app
memorial wall - funeral website

Evntwall helps you to notify family and friends of the death of a loved one and keeps them informed as memorial and funeral arrangements are finalised. Not only does it share information about funeral services, but also displays the obituary, funeral program, photos, video tributes, live-stream and more.

When friends and family visit the evntwall page, they will be able to post condolence messages, send flowers and even make financial contributions directly to the family’s nominated bank account.

Funeral Undertaker Marketing Plans

The professional, non-invasive, cost-effective & respectful way

To Market, Promote, Enhance Your Funeral Undertaker Digitally


$ 20 / pm
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 50 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 2 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Basic Email Support


$ 59 / pm
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 100 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 5 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Basic Support


$ 99 / pm
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 250 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 10 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Basic Support


$ 169 / pm
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 500 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 20 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Basic Support

Funeral Undertaker Marketing Benefits

Evntwall doesn't only help funeral undertaker to offer more value for their customer, but it genuinely helps them to digitally market their funeral business products and services.

Funeral Undertaker Marketing

Instead of handing out your business cards at your cstomers’ funerals, evntwall offers a more subtle and respectful way to market your funeral services.

Cross / Up-sell Products & Services

There isn’t more cost-effective way to digitally market and promote your funeral undertaker’s value added products and services than through this marketing toolkit.

Increase Funeral Undertaker Revenue

Your funeral undertaker can offer free memorial wall’s to its clients or add them in your funeral packages – enabling you to generate more income.