Cost Effective Ways to Market Products and Services to Schools

With our online marketing platform for educational suppliers.

Experience unrivaled marketing solutions tailored to digitally connect with school communities, fostering brand awareness, engagement, and exponential growth.

Introducing a cost-effective avenue to elevate your brand, product, or service within school communities. Schoolwall’s digital platform is meticulously crafted to address the distinctive requirements of South African school advertisers and marketers. Our multifaceted approach is geared towards enhancing brand visibility while offering ample opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling across schools nationwide.

Partner with us today to unlock the full potential of digital marketing in the education sector.

Revolutionizing School Communication and Management

Schoolwall, powered by Evntwall, is a cutting-edge suite of digital services meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of primary schools, secondary schools, and early childhood development centers. Our platform aims to empower school communities by providing an array of intuitive tools and services, facilitating seamless communication, efficient management, and enhanced engagement. Let’s delve deeper into the outstanding features that make Schoolwall stand out:

Digital Marketing Strategy in schools

1. School e-site: Engage your school community effortlessly with our all-in-one digital hub. From sharing the latest news and articles to disseminating crucial notices and event calendars, School e-site ensures that everyone remains informed and connected with school happenings.

2. Concierge Portal: Revolutionize visitor management with our innovative Concierge Portal. Seamlessly track visitor movements, interact with guests, and gather valuable feedback through our digital suggestion box. With a comprehensive staff directory and detailed maps, navigating the school grounds has never been easier.

3. Employee Portal: Empower your staff with our intuitive Employee Portal, accessible on both desktops and smartphones. Providing easy access to essential tools and resources, including staff notices, updates, and training materials, the Employee Portal ensures convenience for all school employees.

4. Events Portal: Effortlessly administer school events of all kinds, from open days to sports events and fundraisers, with our Events Portal. Manage invitations, collect RSVPs, sell tickets, live-stream events, and showcase sponsors and organizers all in one centralized hub.

5. Fundraising Portal: Foster direct communication between the school, teachers, students, and parents with our Fundraising Portal. Send newsletters, circulars, and announcements, and enable direct messaging between teachers and parents to enhance collaboration and support.

Schoolwall is committed to revolutionizing school management and communication, providing an integrated platform that enriches the school experience for all stakeholders.

Unleash the power of cost-effective online digital marketing tailored for the education sector.

Schoolwall has emerged as the forefront digital marketing platform, connecting businesses and brands with schools across South Africa. Whether targeting students, parents, teachers, or entire school communities, our platform offers unparalleled opportunities for marketing and promotion.

Here are several effective strategies for businesses to engage with and promote to school communities

  • School Directory: Advertisers can feature in the school’s directory, leading users to a detailed e-site profile of the business.
  • School Calendar: Advertisers can market and promote upcoming events in school calendars, gaining valuable exposure to the school community.
  • School Blog: Advertisers can have informative articles and news featured in the school’s blog section, positioning themselves as thought leaders and trusted partners.
  • School Fundraisers: Businesses can sponsor prizes and become coupon service providers for school fundraisers and campaigns, enhancing brand visibility and community engagement.
  • General Ad Space: Advertisers can have ad banners displayed in dedicated spaces across the platform, maximizing reach and impact.
  • Partners and Sponsors: Businesses seeking to enhance their brand awareness can be prominently featured in the “Partners and Sponsors” section of the school’s e-site, gaining exposure across all platform portals.
  • Employee Targeted Content: Advertisers aiming to target educators or staff members of the school can have their content strategically displayed in the Employee Portal, ensuring tailored messaging and effective engagement.

Schoolwall offers unmatched opportunities for businesses to engage with school communities throughout South Africa, facilitating brand awareness, engagement, and sustainable growth. Partner with us today to harness the full potential of digital marketing within the education sector.

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In addition to the marketing and advertising opportunities company will benefit from a variety of digital marketing opportunities on each school’s E-Site, depending on the services you offer.

An E-site is your company mobile-responsive website. With an E-Site, you can expect to receive a wide range of features and capabilities, including media galleries (photos and videos), blog articles, news feeds, product and service showcases, special offers, an up-to-date event calendar, a detailed business directory, contact information for your staff/team members, customer testimonials, frequently asked questions, and more.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Event Venues in South Africa
Digital Marketing Strategy for Event Venues in South Africa

The concierge portal is a powerful tool designed to help you manage, track, and communicate with all visitors and guests entering your business premises. It also provides a platform to market new products and services, share news, articles, and information. Features of the concierge portal include Google Maps integration for easy directions to your event venue, guest check-in/sign-in, guest notices such as house rules, property map and floor plan, feedback and suggestion box, an internal directory of staff, offices, and amenities, and more.

Thanks to our partnership with the Department of Basic Education, we have hundreds of schools across South Africa (Gauteng, Western Cape, Limpopo, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape Eastern Cape, and Free State) using our platform to create free websites for their schools. This gives businesses direct access to digitally market and promote their offerings to schools within their local communities and surrounding areas.

Digital Marketing Strategy in schools

If your business offers special promotions, your deals can be featured in the packaged deals and coupons that are sold by schools to parents in the form of digital discounted coupons. All proceeds from these coupon sales go to the school’s fundraising campaigns. Our coupon program has been designed to achieve three things: enabling schools to raise funds digitally without much effort or expense, supporting small businesses within the school’s local communities, and fostering support, collaboration, and growth for businesses within the community.

As a value-added service, companies can effortlessly offer evntwalls for your customers to use for their private, social, or corporate events. Evntwall offers great value for all kinds of events, including weddings, birthday celebrations, reunions, and all kinds of corporate events. Evntwall features include collection and management of RSVP confirmations, integrated Google Maps for directions to the venue, digital guest book, donation funds, program, menu, table seating, live stream, uploading of selfies, event media, sponsor info, advertiser info, exhibitor info, keynote/guest speaker profiles and interactions, and much more.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Event Venues in South Africa

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Our digital marketing toolkit for marketers and advertisers was designed to help small and large businesses engage with customers while offering them great service and value.

Evntwall finds and optimizes opportunities to market and expose your brand, products, services, and promotions to your prospective customers.

Why You Should Boost Your Company's Brand, Products & Services on our Platform.

Having a powerful online presence is crucial in this digital era, especially for companies who seek to market and advertise their products and services to school communities (students, parents and teachers). Our educational marketing platform is the perfect solution to help you establish a solid digital presence. With this digital marketing solution, you can broaden your clientele base and reach out to more potential customers.

One of Schoolwall’s key advantages is it’s visually stunning content, which allows you to showcase your business’ unique features and amenities (through the e-site, concierge page, event pages as well as staff portals).


Tailored Campaigns

Our digital marketing campaigns are designed to suit your needs, whether you're targeting a single school in a quaint village or launching a nationwide initiative across South Africa.

 Our campaigns are adaptable, catering to primary schools, secondary schools, or Early Childhood Development Centres.

Let’s collaborate and strategize your campaign, focusing on any of the following provinces: Gauteng, Western Cape, Limpopo, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, and Free State.

Together, we can create impactful campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful engagement.

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Contact us today to book a demo or request our rate card to learn how easy and affordable it is to advertise and market your business, products or services to schools in South Africa.

Unlock the perfect digital marketing solution for advertisers nationwide, spanning key regions such as Gauteng, Western Cape, Limpopo, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, and Free State. Our tailored approach ensures your message reaches the right audience, delivering impactful results across South Africa.